Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vote for the most fashionable netaji?

I'm thinking of a softer word for 'hate' in context to dental appointments but then I'd just be lying to myself. I just cannot stand them. Not because I have dental issues, but because the six monthly appointment is nothing but an opportunity for the dentist and his team to open the Pandora’s Box! Pandora's Box that would bring loads of surprises and money to them and nothing but pain and trauma to me. You think you're going in for just a "regular cleaning" as you were told but it's far from that. Cleaning, x-rays, polishing, flossing, gum tests... the list goes on followed by the dentist "consulting" with you on his plan of action post his discovery... jeeeez. Hate hate hate.

Saw a rather unusual and fun news piece this morning about our very own desi politicians getting a makeover! Wow. Politics and fashion are both dear subjects to me but rarely do I get to see the two dating. This is my day! Turns out that in the midst of Lok Sabha elections, the fashion design students of INIFD (International Institute of Fashion Design) are planning to give our politicians the much required change in outlook. The students are working on a perfect blend of modern looks and traditional Indian attire for our leaders. The institute is also holding a nationwide contest for students to transform the regular image of leaders. "If Barack Obama and Michelle Obama can feature on the cover of international magazines for their style quotient why not our own leaders," asks the insti's VP.

Manmohan Singh, Advani, Mayawati, Laluji and Narendra Modi are the five netas who have been chosen for the coveted contest. This is a challenge I would be very hesitant of participating in if I were a fashion design student. I mean, what's there to work with? Very unfit bodies with huge paunches, utter lack of personality in most cases, the traditional look they must sport which limits the stretching of boundaries, the non-existent color palette that most prefer and the fabrics (khadi for the most part) they wear. Sure there's still plenty that can done within the realm of traditional men's wear going by how far Bollywood has taken this but it's going to be far from stylish from where I see it. As for Mayawati, no amount of glamour quotient can help... the moment her lips part and her mouth opens, all bets are off. Ditto for Laluji. Lekin just because my imagination is stalled, doesn't mean this wouldn't make for an interesting trend.

If this trend picks up, maybe we can have a Mr. and Ms. best-dressed politician contest a few years down the line. I can visualize it already with Amitabh Bachchan giving out the awards with an impressive speech that would project it to be a lot more substantial that it would actually be, and the Amar Singh-Jaya Bachchan duo winning most of them!

Aishwarya's 'tears of joy' would be "precious, special and real" ;)


Baddi said...

lol ...ur funny!!!

Pari said...

thanks :P i think i'm becoming a bit like someone we both love to hate... too opinionated and mean!

Baddi said...

Nahhh..that someone is also Nasty and Pervert!