Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The look 'n feel of spring

The almost-triple-digit temperatures are more than a subtle reminder that spring and possibly summer is in the air. Thanks to the global warming phenomena, the concept of distinguished seasons seems to be a thing of the past. It's all hotchpotch these days - rain in November, an out of the blue heat wave in January, and overly chilly nights in April. I for one am a warm weather being. Having grown up in the tropical weather, I detest the idea of wearing layers and layers of clothing and parking myself in front of a space heater when all I wanna do is put on my shorts and go for a quick run.

Spring's finally here and I have a semi-permanent grin stapled on my face. As I look around, I see a few new trends, a few new colors and some blast-from-the-past designs as the "in" things.

Spring and beige seem to be as far removed from each other as me and non-veg. But don't be fooled by the notion of beige. It's back with a hint of freshness this season. Thankfully it isn't the boring beige, but a shade of it, like an earthy undertone for day wear, a slightly gold-dust kinda texture for evening wear and fun patterns of khakis for anytime wear. I see it in all kinds of outfits - cute tops, shorts, shirts, casual dresses, club wear, maxi dresses, the list goes on.

The one trend I'm excited about is the neo-hippy look. I haven't tried it yet to see if I can pull it off. But I guess if beaded necklaces, head bands from the 70s and lace-up sandals don't add to your spirit, what will? Bangles and oversized necklaces seem to be the accessories to own this season. Go for an inexpensive version since they go out of style too quickly.

Some more trends to watch out for:
- White with arty black stripes all over. Lots of pretty skirts and dresses around to check this trend.
- Paisley tops/dresses and watercolor prints in chiffon are quite a fad. My personal favorite too. Get one slightly long top with a cute elastic neckline and it's so versatile. Wear it with jeans or leggings, wear it as a dress with a low-waist dressy belt, wear it with spaghetti and make it off-shoulders, or with shorts for a perfect cool look.
- Strapless is on its way out and one shoulders are in. And so are tons of different sized straps so get whatever works for you.
- If you're tall and skinny, I'd def. try out the jumpsuits. H&M has an interesting collection.
- Believe it or not, neons are back. But just a hint or it, like a neon spaghetti peeking out of a white tee. I would pass on this one though.

- Finally, regardless of your size, maxi dresses are a hit. Be sure to wear heels or platforms to give you that tall model-like look.

The thing about trendy clothes is, you can find it for a 100 bucks and for 20 bucks depending on where you look. So pick what works.

Keep it stylish!

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