Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My bday... oh my bday

I almost have no memory of my life prior to my 1 year old baby... and this is my first bday since the kiddo, so considering that, this was my best birthday so far :) It was a thursday... and although I had mega plans of taking a day off, in the light of current state of economy and expectations from employees, I just went ahead and decided to work thinking it was going to be just another day. Turned out to be anything but.

For lunch, I decided to drag a friend to
Zucca Ristorante, an upscale Italian hotspot. We start walking out and something wierd got into me. I suddenly started craving samosas which is odd coz I never crave them. So I mentally ran a google search in my head and zeroed in on Gill's. Gill's indian cuisine is this majorly shady place a few blocks down from work. It sits deep inside a hotel where I don't think anyone but bums and sex-offenders might consider staying. But their food is yum and it's generally crowded. We walked in, order my samosas and chaat to go and relished every bite catching some fresh air at the fashion school's compound. When I got back, peeps at work found out through a colleague and had gotten me the most amazing black and white tweed jacket at lunch from Macys next door... along with a delish chocolate cup cake. Wooo hooo.

On my way home, I got a call from one of the kiddies in my little one's crew to go straight to a restaurant to pick her up. I went there to find a ton of ballons, cake, gifts, awesome chinese food and a few kids along with mine who were throwing me a surprise bday mini-party. It was beyond touching and so fun! And that was supposed to be the end of my big day.

But the next evening turned out to be even more special. Hubby was coming home and had promised a lovely evening out. I went crazily through a pile of clothes and found a beautiful silk wrap that I'd gotten god knows when but never worn. I made a one shoulder dress outta it and off we went to Beverly. Landed up in Tanzore, a hip and trendy Indian spot with beautiful decor and food that tasted like nothing else I had before. I sent compliments for the chef, and the next thing I knew, it turned out to be a romantic dinner for three. He shared stories of his glorious past from Bombay where he'd fed almost every celebrity and to make it extra special, brought out quite a few complimentary dishes for my bday. His cake was the most mouth-watering thing I'd had in a long time.

That's when I decided, one bday a year is not enough :P

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