Monday, April 27, 2009

Twisted tales of the rich 'n famous

But he's on track now and that's all that matters! Ever heard that? How easily do unsuspecting minds buy that crap? I love it for the drama, the irony and the twists.

Too many stories based on the same plot keep surfacing from time to time. The latest one to hit the tube is Salman Khan's commercial where he very pretentiously wears a 'being human' shirt and innocently says 'Apni zimmidari se mat bhagiye. Responsible aur zimmedar logo ki zaroorat hai is desh ko.” and making me waggle my left eyebrow. Okaaay. So he poached some poor endangered species and then he killed a pedestrian while driving drunk. He went to jail again for poaching the animal and the killing case was settled outside of court with lots of money and free DVDs of “Maine Pyar Kiya”. And now he's all set to preach. Sallu miya we love your fake accent and your over-the-top acting skills to death lekin please maaf karo.

It is hard to forget the Paris Hilton drama from a couple of years ago where the American sweetheart served a widely publicized sentence in an LA jail for 23 days for driving under a suspended license. On getting released, she got someone to write her biography about how jail time was not the breaking but making of her persona :P Her prison memoirs are work-in-progress. She also wants to work with women who end up in jail repeatedly to improve their lives. Ok darling, we heard ya... we see that you wanna be a better human being. God bless. But please spare us the preaching. Go back to your chihuahua and your extensions. Mwaaaah.

Khloe Kardashian wants to help people become aware of the consequences of drunk driving after she was jailed for a DUI last month. She was devastated and it hit her that she cannot play with the law for the third time. I promise you Khloe you'll be my next role model, as soon as I get tired of the current one. Deal. ;)

Call me crazy, but aren't these little lessons we all learn while growing up? Isn't it bombarded enough on our delicate brains during our precious teens? And it's far from being rocket science. So why tv campaigns and media coverage and talk show appearances and book signings from people who have "learnt from their mistakes"? Sure they're learning from their mistakes and it's a great thing for them. But now we're making them even more famous and possibly richer to "re-learn" the same concepts we'd learnt ages back. How bizarre.

Do we just need a famous case study each time around?

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