Friday, April 17, 2009

Britney's circus comes to town

I am over-age and out-of-range for her songs. The million and one girls in backless tops, micro-minis and high heels between ages 15-25 at her show tonight were giving me that signal loud and clear. Besides, I've never been a die hard fan. I'll occasionally listen to them and they make for great dance numbers but I wouldn't put me in the "omg omg I have to have her new cd coz i like totally love her" category.

Britney is in the middle of her Circus tour and tonite was one of the four shows in LA. I decided to stay back a little after work just to peek in and catch a glimpse of her new avatar for a few minutes. The show was a major sell-out. I could see a clear divide in the crowd... tons of young girls and some gay men. A few couples were spotted too here and there as well.

The pussycat dolls were the opening act and put up quite an electrifying show. They kicked it off with 'Dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me' which had the crowd swooning. They were in their usual bejeweled lingerie and their moves were as raunchy as it gets. They sang everything from 'Buttons' to 'Jai Ho' and put up a splendid show! Next came the circus team. It actually was a cross between circus and cirque-de-solel and the acrobatics were fantastic. After much anticipation and excitement that had filled the air, Britney finally made an appearance. Of course they chose none other than Perez Hilton to introduce her. Brits descended from a carriage from the sky and she was a welcome surprise with a newly toned body, glittery outfit and great stage presence. As the show progressed, Brits went seamlessly from one song to another, one choreographed dance to another, one outfit to another and charmed the crowd. The stage set-up, dancing lights and surround sound were just like any pop concert.... energizing. Some of her acts were quite sexually charged but hey it's showbiz. I could almost hear heartbeats going up and down as the crowd responded to her moves.

The one thing about sharing the same space with a sea of young peeps in an environment like this is the contagious energy. The enthusiasm just gets you so high on life!

On my way back I was thinking about Britney... her rise to stardom, her talent, her unprecedented success, her weddings and annulations, her turbulent life as a mom, her wild lifestyle and attention-seeking drama that she's resorted to. One could just see the entire trajectory as she rose from the ground up to reach the stars and fell back on the ground. She is a living example of 'if you think you can do it you can', whatever the 'it' is, amazing or disastrous.

But tonite's show gave out a whole different vibe. Britney is back to stay, this time around. And on a separate note, I wanna be 16 again!

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little boxes said...

Love her or Hate her...Britney is a phenomenon.
thanks for that sneak peek into the concert :)

Pari said...

i think it's time i stopped pretending that i don't like her :)