Friday, May 1, 2009

Think you saw me? Think again

Layoffs in the company (that hurts so bad), re-structuring, visualizing old faces with new hats, penning down goals for Q3, a quick few biz calls and a completely lackluster bhelpuri for lunch... is the Friday over yet?

The bhelpuri dude tried to make conversation by asking if I lived in the building next door. A "no" didn't seem to be settling enough since apparently my face resembled the girl in the building next door's face a great deal. Comparisons are something I grew up hearing. I was always referred to as the exact replica of my dad. Then for a brief period when a certain Tollywood actress Madhu of 'Roja' fame surfaced, I was deemed a duplicate. It was annoying to say the least just because I couldn't care less about her. A few nice peeps compared me to Amisha Patel but they were just being nice. And now I look like my nephew.... err I mean the other way around.

Whatever happened to god throwing away the mould after He made you? That would be such a tall order though. Indians are a billion in population. How many different dravdian-aryan-persian-east asian permutation-combinations could there possibly be? Look at the constraints: limited height range (dwarf, short, short-tall and medium-tall) , limited body types (pyramid, matchstick, cylindrical and inflated protruding belly), limited looks (cerebral, serious, dull and unfortunate), limited stages of evolution (homo sapiens, slightly evolved, slightly more evolved and evolved enough for the modern world), limited skin tones (pitch dark, dark, less dark and wheatish) and limited hair types (oily, dusty, henna'ed' and aromatic). So He picked one attribute out of each category above and made me! And so many others just like me!! Geee thanks.

Being unique would have been nice though. I'm sure a lot disagree. People have made their entire careers and lives based on the fact that they resembled someone. Hi Harman :P

But but but, in addition to the physical attributes, He also gave me something else. Something precious. He gave me the power to write my own destiny. Ok so my dad wrote my partial destiny but I still have a long way to go. It's another thing that I did not recognize or exercise this power for the most part, just going with the flow, which was fun. Not anymore though. I know what I want and I will spare no efforts in getting it!

For now, I just want a tall chai latte, non-fat, x-hot, no water, with easy foam. Told ya I know what I want ;)


mon espace said...

first time on ur the way u write :)

and here i was thinking i was special..!! million just like me huh? sheesh :P

Pari said...

thanks so much :) we're all special, just not unique in appearance... or may be it's just me :P

eAnjali said...

Really cool......I like this. And btw, u do look like AP, and i'm not being nice--just honest.