Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grand kick-off

I woke up one day in 2007, saw myself surrounded by bloggers wherever I went and decided to ride the wave. So I did a brilliant thing and got myself a profile on It's a big sense of achievement when you create a profile online. I went to bed that night thinking about all the wonderful things I was going to write about.

Next thing you know, its April 2009 and I got nothing... not even a joke for a blog. That's just me :) It's my birthday (ok it was last week... whatever) and I'm thinking about the new me this year and blogging is definitely one of the hundred and fifty things (one of it being a choreographed dance with hubby... hah good luck to me on that) I wanna experience this year. So here goes my first real blog.

I read Amitabh Bacchan saying that the one thing that defines a blogger is commitment. So I'm commiting myself to one blog a week. That's not too much work. Besides, as my kiddo grows, instead of making mental notes to share the zillion things I wanna share with her, I can just point her to this ;) Ok so now I have a goal and a reason. Perfecto.

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