Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The first 100 days

Congratulations Mr. Obama. Today you are a 100 days 'new' in the White House.

Guantanamo Bay closure, wifey on Vogue cover, setting a timetable for Iraq, hugging the queen, implementing your green dreams, your dog moving in, stem cell funding, first grandma almost becoming a celebrity, high profile execs returning huge bonuses, stock markets dancing high-low and era of the swine flu... it has been an interesting set of 100 days!

I remember the day I first heard about your nomination for presidency. You weren't one of the faces that had come to light from active politics that got media coverage. Active politics it sure was, but not something that put your name instantly on the lips of every American. I watched you as you progressed through your campaigns, as you used words that were stronger than rocks to share your vision/your ideology/your proposals, as you emerged cleaner from every allegation bestowed upon you by citing facts but never stooping low, as you displayed intelligence, sincerity and commitment to politics and vowed to clean up the gigantic mess that you would inherit one day. I watched you as you surfaced as one of the top two democratic candidates. I watched you as you put up a strong fight against Hilary Clinton, who was perceived to be a stronger and more experienced candidate.

I watched you and thought, notwittstanding the slightly funny name :P, he is a wise man, he's genuine, he's very learned and beyond articulate. But he doesn't have the experience to take upon himself this mammoth task and follow through. Not to mention the racial issue that would be hard for millions of Americans to overcome. And I wasn't alone. But against all odds, your stemmed victorious! What a victory it was. I remember standing at LA Live during your inaugural speech with 13 mega screens and loudspeakers and sharing that space with hundreds of fellow proud citizens as they cheered, clapped and let tears flow down their cheeks at 9 am. I have to admit I was quite cynical about all the big promises you made and the perfect words you used to convince us all.

That was the day and today, a 100 days later, I have no doubt in my mind that this country couldn't have found a better man for this job given the circumstances. There's a lot you have done and there's a lot more that needs to be done but I know you will sail through whatever adversities come your way and accomplish everything you are set out to do. And even though I'm not gung-ho about your wife's fashion sense like the rest of the country, I'm all praise for you and in you, I trust.

p.s. Any word on the green card rut?

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