Friday, June 12, 2009

Without a caller id

A hip woman from a computer screen talks to me everyday on my way to Starbucks from work. A giant monitor hangs on the outside wall of a brand new condo leasing office and the walkway next to it has a sensor. This woman sits on a leather couch, working with her berry until someone walks by, at which she gets up and says "Hi do you have a minute? I would love to show you around our newest residences." I've never stopped walking and she's never stopped talking to me.

The high end salon next to Starbucks gives off the fragrance of a tropical paradise. It invariably reminds me of Hawaii; of the endless rows of palm trees, lazy days, sparkling water, purple orchids and smell of fresh coconuts - a perfect antithesis to ordinary city days. I have never stepped in... and probably never will. The art gallery like decor, four giant tv screens and exotic looking hairdressers with multicolored hair - a little too upscale for my comfort. Besides, I'm always in a rush to return back to my desk. But it never fails to entice me.

A pigeon swings by every evening. It sits on the huge direct tv dish in my balcony and coos. One time I left the balcony open and it took the liberty of letting itself in. It made a maniac out of me as I tried to shoo the harmless little thing away. My actions were prolly unforgivable. But it still comes by, everyday.

My fav picture in a photo frame... of my wedding with my fav person in the world, my grandma. She’s no longer with me. It's on my night stand since years and it still transports me to a different world. I resist looking at it because I don’t know what to do with that thought. Perhaps I am too weak to handle that emotion. But that barely helps.

Many more of the same... things that I seem to want to avoid. Things that I hope would vanish. But they never do. What if they did one day... would I feel lonely without them? Would I miss them?

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