Tuesday, June 9, 2009

London street style

Lately everyone I know is either traveling to London or returning from London or dating someone in London or all of the above. Ok not everyone may be but it was enough to get me thinking about London. London fashion particularly is of interest to me. It's fascinating and intriguing to say the least. If you take fashion in US and add funk and wildness, you get shades of London fashion. And the true test of how fashionable a city is, is to check it's street style.

Some current trends below from the streets of London.

Milatary jackets seem to be quite the in thing in Brit land.

Ripped jeans are of course is in style across the globe.

And a few random ones here; boyfriend blazer, shorts with sheers, and shirts or dresses with leggings. Love it.

Until next time, toodles.

Photo credit: www.marieclaire.co.uk, www.elleuk.com

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