Monday, June 1, 2009

A made-over life

I've seen gazillion variations of this show. There's no country or language that it wouldn’t work in. I caught a glimpse of it on NDTV Good Times tonite. The show started with two teenagers who introduced themselves as girlfriend and boyfriend and complained about each other's dressing sense. The girl was a tom boy and the boy was just a regular boy. The show let them rip apart each other’s fashion sense for a bit. Soon enough, Neeta Lulla, a noted fashion designer was roped in. She put them under her fashionable pink microscope, analyzing their looks and personality and got them a new wardrobe and a complete makeover. The couple went ga-ga over each other and pretended to be in love again. Aaaah... god bless.

It got me thinking about makeovers. How fun would it be if I got a made-over life. I'm not talking about run-of-the-mill makeovers like quit your job to go to b-school or leave wifey for a girlfriend. But something BIG. Imagine. One day you're running an analytics team and the next day you get to be a Israeli spy or a French homicide expert or a Cuban politician or a Darjeeling tea-picker or a lead guitarist in a all-girls rock band. Or may be a combination. A lethal one. Like the one from Ms. Congeniality. Beautiful beauty pageant contestant at day and a sassy FBI agent at night. I know what you're thinking. ABSURD. True but absurdity can be so exciting. I just get a kick out of dreaming the unconventional. Life isn't short by any means. You've got 80 years, give or take if you eat organic and exercise five times a week. And to think that you'll just do one thing (or in the same general field anyways) for three quarters of your life is sooo mind-numbing. Besides if you don't dream, how can you ever make it happen.

Btw if you are a Miss India or Miss anything else contestant, ignore this topic. I believe the correct answer is "I am proud of myself and I would always want to be myself" when asked the "What would you rather be?" question. Remember, there is no other answer to that question in pageants unless you wanna go the Mother Teressa route.

Too many "crazy thoughts" as my dad always pointed out. Time for some meditation.


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