Thursday, June 25, 2009

So long Michael

What an awfully sad day at work today. Lots of co-workers, music lovers and Michael Jackson fans, devastated at the news of his sudden demise. We had just sold out all 50 shows of his London tour. Sold out, 50 shows in one city. Sold out, after him releasing just 2 albums in 18 years. Sold out, after him not touring in 12 years. That was MJ for you. His talent, his fame, his legacy... all unmeasurable. These dramatic shows promised an explosive return with a band of the highest calibre, state-of-the-art stage show and incredible support acts. He'd been rehearsing for it at a close by facility since a couple weeks and even this morning. For those of us who worked with him on it, this will be so hard to get over.

He will always be remembered for his incredible talent and his unfortunate eccentricity.

It was also the day of the 2009 NBA draft. I stopped by at the draft party at ESPN Zone for a little bit to check on the excitement. Of course Lakers never pick from the draft, so Clippers were hosting the party. The place was jam packed with fans in their fav team's gear. They had won the lottery, got the first pick and picked Blake Griffin, a 6'10" dude from Oklahoma. The crowd went beserck, cheering with excitement when that was announced. This little boy, 19 years in age, has been compared to Karl Malone already. I can only hope he saves the Clippers from giving away free tickets next season :p

Cannot imagine the drama at the draft if Lakers picked from there!

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