Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strikingly simple and sweet

I saw the cutest hindi movie over the weekend. It was prolly made in the 70s. Was flipping the hindi channels and came across a funny name - Humari Bahu Alka. The story line was funnier... not haha funny but are-you-serious-this-can't-be-true funny.

For those of you who haven't seen it (don't tell me you've seen it!) I will succinctly narrate the story here. Rakesh Roshan was a med school student. Of course his name was Pratapchand. His dad, Badriprasad, was the incorrigible Utpal Dutt. It was the expected, dad always being critical of the son as was common practice in the good old days despite the son being a med school dude. One random day, dad decides to get son married to a village belle. Needless to say, son was against it but like that matters. Son gets married and finds wifey attractive. Shocking. But dad will not permit them to be close to each other. He proudly announces that he got son married not so he can have a wife but bcoz inlaws need some company and someone to play cards with. But of course. So the newly weds scheme up a plot to leave on the pretext of visiting Alka's parents in another distant town. Instead both of them go to Bombay, rent a room, and decide to be intimate. But fate had other plans, rather comical, for them, that made them regret their silly ploys.

I couldn't believe the movie. It was over simplified and completely devoid of any complex characters whatsoever. I'm so used to watching the hindi movies of today with 10 parallel plots and multifaceted characters with lots of twists and turns in the story line. This one, in sharp contrast, was so easy. What you see is what you get types. But it worked. It cracked me up. If not the best, I guess at least the fun things in life are sometimes simple.

Have a day filled with giggles and smiles.


Kusha said...

lol Pari...YOu send me back in the Hrishekesh Mukherjee Era. Used to love these movies!

Pari said...

It took me back to that era as well. So fun!