Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feeling hot hot hot

Its summer and everyone's hot, literally or otherwise. Working in entertainment for several years and having encountered every possible kind of hotness, I think I have a few insights into what goes into it. Sorry no money back guarantee on this one.

Btw I seem to be in a major gyaan giving spree this week. I can tell by the way my kid is avoiding my gaze.

Anyways, if you already know you're hot or not interested in the subject, feel free to ignore. This is for those of us who do not meet the ideal standards of hotness (elegantly tall and impossibly skinny being the most of it) but still have a desire to feel/look hot, just for the heck of it.

Often times, people get too comfortable with their style statement or rather lack of. Go ahead and try something new; kohl eyes paired with nude glossy lips (always works... let someone else be the judge and you'll know) , reverse of your hair type (curls if it's straight or vice versa or the messy look. p.s. frizz does not equal curls), colors that you've never worn (keep the dull ones at bay), styles that you've never tried (it doesn't have to be over-the-top or revealing, just sthng that doesn't hang on you and is stylish), skinny jeans irrespective of your body type (you just have to trust me on this one), french manicure and a great pair of non-black heels (don't you have enuf of black already?).

Bronzer looks sexy on any skin color. It lends shimmer and impeccable glow. Invest in a good one and research/practice the right way to apply it so you don't look sun burnt. Mascara lends that instant oomph factor so add a dab.

Bling bling. But not too much. Add just one chunky piece of jewellery; pick from a bib necklace (yes I said bib), desi jhumkas, a studded belt, an armlet or a giant bracelet.

A nice hand bag goes a long way in adding to your style statement. If you've had a boring one for a long time, try something patchy and big. Ok I'm deviating a little from the subject here.

Last but not the least; an intoxicating fragrance will leave you with that feel-good feeling all day.

But more than anything I have described above, I think hotness is reflected on your face. If you lack confidence or are simply not comfy in your skin, no amount of styling will help. Imagine Bill Clinton or Gisele Bundchen suddenly appearing in front on you. Do you want to run or can you look them into the eyes, give a warm handshake, smile and say hello? Take a deep breath and bring out that cool, confident you.

And the very last thing... losing weight until you look anorexic definitely helps.

Just kidding ;)

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