Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cans and Can'ts at Cannes

It's been 8 years since my trip to Cannes but I still have distinct memories of it. I had bought my first (and thankfully only) pleather jacket (which I dearly loved for the longest time) from there and for that reason only, it'll always remain special.

But of course, the world has many other reasons to celebrate this place. Like the 62nd festival that opened yesterday which is known for great new movie premiers, gala events and a little bit of the red carpet thingie. Since I have no visibility into the first two, I have to go with the third. :) Now now me no 'fashion police' so differ all you want.

Lets start with the 'What on earth' category which is a subtle way of saying that it's a complete miss. First up is actress Elizabeth Banks in a one-shoulder arrest-me red, which isn't bad. But then this ginormous ribbon thingie is hanging out on the side like a gift wrap. What is that? In fact it blends with the red carpet. Next is Daphnee Roulier in a white suit that she perhaps borrowed from Michael Jackson. I don't even know what to say to this one. The third award in this category is for actress Tilda Swinton. She perhaps got forced into wearing layers after losing a bet to her teenage daughter at GAP. It shows on her face too :p

Second category is 'Super thanda' which is another way of saying, we've seen this so many times before. How about something refreshing please? It's spring after all. Model Jovanka Sopalovic wears just another red gown with a matching half sleeve! Actress Hafsia Herzi trusted this very unflattering polyster look alike fabric with mermaid like cut outfit and lost. Elizabeth Banks wore something better on day 2 than her day 1 disaster. Doesn't that outfit remind you of a nagin?

I saved best for the last. My 'I'd kill to get it' category has the first winner as Model Eugenia Silva for her very arty black dress. Love the fabric, the cut and the details. Ms. Rai looked stunning in a strapless Roberto Cavalli ballgown in ruffled fabric. Divine! Frederique Bel also pulled off a very classy black outfit that was a good deviation from the regular black gowns at red carpets.

But my heart is set on that 'eye' tatoo that Jury member Asia Argento was sporting. I want it!

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Kusha said...

Girl..u already have an eye for things like no other ..why bother for the tatoo :).

PS: This is a Paid comment.

Pari said...

haha ok i'll duly add some gold coins to that underground pot with your name on it in my backyard ;) muchas gracias.