Thursday, May 28, 2009

The way my brain wired

I stumbled upon a graph today that aptly described the way my brain is wired and beyond. The 'beyond' component is slightly daunting though and not something I would do literally (heist, getting caught, prison, etc.) but figuratively, been there and done that.

I talk faster than I act and I think faster than I talk, but it's only for entirely useless things. For the most part, when I'm not working, my mind is brimming with completely waste ideas. One idea enters the queue pushing the first one out. It's like baggage on a conveyor belt. As one gets picked up, one more hits the belt. At the end of it, nothing constructive comes out of it.

Being super fickle minded, I'm always on the search for something new and exciting. Impulsive risk behavior and a constant demand for intellectual stimuli drive most of my actions. A new career, a new business idea, yet another business idea, relocating to another continent, a new hobby... it's really endless. Of course when an idea hits me, I think of it as the best idea ever. I go with a few and discard a few, not putting much thought into it. The sheer excitement of it is enough to pull me through. No feasibility studies are ever considered or conducted.

I'm not educated in brain chemistry or neuroscience but always thought this wasn't entirely normal. But a graph on a popular website gave me hope that it isn't just me. If you’re the same, let’s talk and raise a toast to fickleness :p

p.s. I hope I am lucky enough to somehow make it to the 'selling rights to your story years later' stage someday.

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Kusha said...

All the best to 'selling rights to your story years later' . :)

Getting caught is a perfect start!