Monday, May 25, 2009

Hustle, bustle and tussle in the city

Ten days of planning, ten hours of packing, ten pieces of luggage, ten hours of total travel time and tens of thoughts later, I reached New York at an ungodly hour sometime last week. NY always fascinates me. The vastness of it all, the effervescence and the sea of people. It's a city that Trump seems to own just as much as Derek Jeter or the ruthless women in the five inch heels or the investment bankers in Armani or the brash taxiwallahs aiming for a road kill. It's a Mecca for everyone from the art seeking soul to the rare cerebral types to the little girl with big Broadway dreams. And how they fit such a huge park in the middle of the city, I will never understand.

At the end of it all, NYC is the epitome of diversity. And amidst the hustle and bustle (and tussle - interesting story there, but for another time), it provides ample opportunities to just be lost or be found.

I was there for a very special occasion and I preferred to be lost in it. The stunning set up, the dazzling costumes, the lovely bride, the cheerful groom, lip smacking food food and more food, intoxicating dancing, the warmth of family and endless chat sessions that wouldn't end even when the night did. It's something I could perhaps do every week if I had a choice. It left me with such a heart-warming feeling and wanting for more. This is why marriages in India are all about the weddings. Mine was too and I'm lucky it worked out ;) Time flies at the speed of light when you're having a blast.

Succumbing to reality, quite reluctantly, I am back to the world of non-stop emails, drawn out commutes and fat-free food but my payal is refusing to come off.


eAnjali said...

U came, u saw, u left......hardly felt like a visit...though had lotsa fun when we did see u guys. Encore!

Kusha said...

Flying visit indeed but still glad you found time to meet! eagrly awaiting the snaps :)