Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cheating with a Bentley

NPR was boring me to death this morning during my commute so I began flipping and landed up on some FM station. Thanked my stars later that it was gossip hour on the station. What better way to fully wake up then to listen to other people's issues I reminded myself. The woman in question, married with 2 kids, was calling about the fact that hubby, a finance professional, had been acting strange ever since he bought a Bentley. Bentley starts at $175k so apparently this dude was the only one doing great in finance in such turbulent times. When the radio station offered him free flowers under a false pretext, he sent it to his secretary for working hard day and night. Of course he denied cheating, but he sure was going that route if he hadn't already.

Imagine this. You're driving a Volvo and slogging 16 hours a day. Then one fine day you get rewarded at work and upgrade to a Bentley. Yes you want to share the joy with family but you might also want to share with, just a little bit maybe, your friends or colleagues or your hottie secretary this coveted possession that you'd been dreaming of for years. It's human nature. After all, it's put you in a different league now. You have to do something different to be seen in a different light... like take her for a spin in the new thing. And there goes the wife, with buckets of tears defaming you or consulting psychiatrists who give six-step emotional infidelity action plans.

I think cheating is overrated. Everyone... ok almost everyone flirts a little here and there whether they admit it or are in denial. It's harmless. It's rejuvenation therapy. And it may not necessarily imply disrespect to your relationship. It's perhaps just a way to infuse a spark in routine dull lives. You'll see it in all ages if you look around. Whether it is little boys chasing little girls in hallmark commercials or desi uncles bindaas flirting with other aunties and their own wives proudly smirking by saying "what jovial nature he has!". I'm not talking about crossing the line or hurting your significant other. Your priorities need to be set straight.

Unless you're famous, then it comes with a heavy price tag. I still remember poor Kobe Bryant during a press conference post his cheating coming to light, holding his wife's hands, crying, as he said some heavy duty emotional words that just turned into ridicule. Or Hrithik Roshan begging to the media and his wife for weeks explaining in vain that his co-star was just that, a co-star. And now it's Brad Pitt.

So bottom line, if you ever think you've become a forgivable-cheating victim, the solution might be as simple as benefit of the doubt and explaining that it’s the behavior not the motive. Suspicion, jealousy and possessiveness are such boring concepts. Zzzzzz. It might just go away on its own, unless of course you like being a drama queen.

p.s. This isn't about me so no judgements please ;)


Kusha said...

I liked your writing here, its a good piece.

I guess sometimes flirting is overrated too :). At times its just an icebreaker! What say!

Pari said...

hey thanks girlie. flirting an icebreaker? haha nice one ;)

eAnjali said...

C'mon you can't be forgiving Kobie...I mean, the dude did go handy-dandy with his 'alleged victim'. Now, thats more than just flirting!

My full support though for everything else in defense of flirting.

Pari said...

i agree... kobe shouldn't have been be a part of this blog :)