Thursday, October 1, 2009

A novel be borned

Four months and twenty four days, mastering the art of juggling, deliberate downturn in social life, countless sleepless nights and some unsightly dark circles later, the day has finally arrived much to my contentment and immense disbelief. Yes my novel is all done. The 0th draft anyways but still it's brought me the kind of excitement that I thought could only come out of being invited to the Grand Ball at the Buckingham palace or going to space for free or attending a top 10 couture designer's benefit dinner in Milan.

Now the part that looked so far away until recently, of actually finding a publisher or an agent or anyone even remotely related to them, is looming. Hopefully I'll meet him or her while we both accidentally order the last cheese danish at starbucks or while one of us is about to buy a terrible new lotion that gives a rash at Sephora and the other one cautions or while he or she rear ends me while sitting in LA traffic.

One day when I get really really lucky, my two main characters, who I've spent so much time with in the recent past that I feel like I know them intimately, and the nineteen other characters whose lives are intertwined with theirs will come to life!

Until then, I'm going to dream some more dramatic scenarios of how I'll run into a literary agent. I am not even dreaming of running into a publisher ever. See even my dreams have a hint of reality.

Oh and if you have a spare moment, please wish me luck. Frida Pinto's, Miley Cyrus's, Chetan Bhagat's, Obama's... anyone's luck ;) Gracias.


Kusha said...

Finally! You know all will afll in place slowly! Congrats once again!

jus me... said...

congrats :-)
i know how you feel. And also that you'll never feel it is the final draft... everytime you read it, there is something new and something that needs to be better said. Good Luck.

Pari said...

@ Kush: thanks :)

@ Jus me: something tells me you've ventured along the same lines too. Is it? :p Thanks so much.