Monday, September 28, 2009

Why Ms. Rai, why?

I never watch Oprah. I really don't. I know she owns half the world and everything but the two of the three times I decided to try her out, she had really depressing segments. I mean incredibly depressing. And I run miles away from anything even remotely gloomy. Not because I want to turn a blind eye to reality but mostly because I cannot handle it. I know she does a ton of other varieties but the coincidences weren't good.

Today, I had to chew my words and watch her. Her and her... the other her being Ms. Rai. I distinctly remember the shows she did when she tried the i-am-the-new-face-of-bollywood-in-hollywood bit post hiring LA based agents and publicists 7-8 years back, who promptly gave her her money's worth and got her an appearance on all the late night shows. Ms. Rai, apparently being new to the whole late night humor (I bet she thought very little of the Shekhar Suman show in India) really rubbed most people the wrong way. First off, she showed up in regular evening outfits; leather jacket, leather skirt and leather boots... quite an imagination there but drab nevertheless, giggled like it was no one's business and showed being guarded to no end. Then as soon as the annoying "do you live with your fam?" questions made the rounds, Ms. Rai forgot all about humor, the underlying theme of most of the shows she was on and fired rockets back. Choicest ones. Letterman had no choice but to respond to her preaching with "Ladies and gentleman we all learnt something today."

Then I watched Ms. Rai undergo an overnight transformation post high profile nuptials as she started speaking what is referred to as 'Mr. Bachchan speak'. The big B speak that is. Big words, subtle sarcasm, the art of articulately confronting critics, holding back on unremitting giggles, practicing even more of a guard and being super diplomatic. Yes it looked coached. And rehearsed. All of it did. Nothing wrong with that. I like. Hence breaking my rule of never watching Oprah.

Today, today she rocked it in her Sabyasachi outfit. No the outfit didn't rock. It was just another sari. I'd have loved to see her in a Satya Paul on the show. But she made a huge impression. More so because he was by her side. Hubby that is. The cool, calm, composed and spontaneous factor in her life. And humor! I loved him for all his funny little jokes today. He called her "pleasant on the eyes"; then said "you wake up and you are like really, even in the morning?" He really brings out the fun side of her, for a few moments, until it hits her that the camera is rolling and then she's back to her coached demeanor. Back to her 'plastic' self as they say. Not me, they.

For those of your die hard Rai fans, I beg forgiveness. I got nothing against her. But a girl's gotta have a little fun at someone's expense once in a while so unless you want to volunteer yourself...


Kusha said...
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Pari said...

haha so you are indeed a die hard fan! not what you told me yesterday. and to think that you dislike peeps over 25 bluffing :p can i giggle now?

Kusha said...
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eAnjali said...

hey Pari, tks t ur post here, I went and checked the OWS show on utube.....and u r right...she is pretty as ever, but just so tight still.....plastic is the right word indeed, and dumb too. I have to say ms rai and even the mr., failed to impress me once again.
i am a fan of her beauty, but i completely agree with those who think she is just not a kicker.