Saturday, October 10, 2009

A new beginning

This appeared in The South Asian Times on October 10th.

I’m going to be yet another statistic. Just like the 14% of the population that moves every year in the US. It’s not exceptional for a good majority of us between the fun ages of 18-32 to move frequently. And did you know more gals than guys move? Here I go again with my data insights. Can hardly help something that one does for a living.

But here’s the million dollar question. How does your mind and your heart react to the numerous moves? How are you supposed to feel? Are you leaving a part of you behind? Can you pack years of memories in a 25 feet move truck and take it along? Would you want to take it along if you could? Ok I lied. Too many million dollar questions. You can sell worn out furniture and lamps on craigslist or by putting those colorful ads on campus boards but what do you do with everything you’ve grown a liking to? And everything else that you’ve come to hate? Like that barrel who lives over you and thumps his feet at 2 in the morning? Or the neighbor’s dog that just doesn’t seem to get over his lady love and keeps crying all night? Or that annoying cop in your neighborhood who is always pointing at you with a speed gun no matter what route you go? Or that Thai take out place that always messes up your order but you can’t live without it despite that?

My landlady very categorically asked me not to dump all the junk that comes out of my place in the garbage in one day when I move. So I shall plan a phased junk disposal process for a week. It’s a brilliant idea if I can apply it to life. I indulge in frequent detox diets to purify my system all the time. I hope I can do the same with my mind. Phased junk disposal. Everything negative out of the window. Ill feelings, grudges, dissatisfaction, envy… all wiped out from time to time. Perhaps I can put it on my Outlook calendar. Make it a recurring meeting. A mind just full of happiness, gratification, dreams. A beautiful mind as the cliché goes. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Hopefully that’ll knock off a few pounds on the weighing scale too.

When you’re still growing vertically, anything new comes bundled with enormous excitement. It brings a cheerful bounce in your step and an oblong smile on your face. Over the years that excitement seems to fade when the ‘been there done that’ feeling creeps in. I’m consciously trying to dodge that familiar feeling. Yes I’ll miss what has been my home, my surroundings, my friends and my colleagues but I’m sure there’s a new barrel, a new dog, a new cop and a new Thai take out place waiting for me.

Did you spot the common factor with Indian weddings? I wish I were speaking at a pageant but I’ll say it regardless. If I could bring about one change in our rituals, I would totally get rid of the bidaai part of it. Why the need for a formal process to cry it out? What’s left behind will be greatly missed and always be an integral part of the new life. But I’m sure we can do it in a little less tragic and a little more joyful way and the videographers will just learn to survive without the drama. Besides, it always leaves stains on those expensive silk fabrics that are so hard to get rid off. Promise your pundit a new iPhone and I’m sure he’ll approve of a wedding without the orchestrated sob ceremony.

As for me, I’m back to packing. It’s all so overwhelming that I just hope I don’t pack my little one into one of those boxes accidentally. She’s a screamer though so not that I’m worried.

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Kusha said...

Fun age group of 18-32???
Biased,Unfair!!! ;)