Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall fashion

Labor Day marks the start of the Fall - time for cooler temperatures, going back to school and more traffic on the freeway. But this time of the year also brings its own fashion trends.

Here are a few must haves for this season:

- Leather jackets are back in vogue. The new ones have a ton of zippers and a body-hugging silhouette. Go check them out and see if you can find one that matches with your hair or eye color.
- If you need more than one jacket, military jackets look quite hip. Any color, any cut... you can't go wrong with this.
- In that same breath, cardigans have a different look. It goes with dresses and pants alike but is more casual and you can keep it on all day. There's a whole range in lightweight soft cotton with lots of layers and cuts.
- Get one fabulous wool dress that you can sport multiple ways - with a blazer for work, with boots for a party or with a nice hat for church or a horse race.
- In addition to regular leggings, a lot of fancy ones can be found out there. There are the ones with zippers on the sides, buttons towards the bottom and for a really bold look, try the leather-looking ones or the snake-skin-looking ones in dark shades.
- A metallic trench coat can instantly add oodles of glamour to a regular outfit. Silver can make you stand out so if that's not your personality, opt for a dull shade or gold or bronze or molten gray.
- If your birthday or a wedding is around the corner or you attend a whole lotta parties, a cool trend this season is a goddess draped dress with silk finish. Asymmetrical hemline/neckline/waistline/anyline in a plush fabric and romantic color that accentuates your curves.
- Finally, you can use all those scarves you bought in spring and pair 'em with up with any of your jackets.
- Don't forget those studded cage heels if you bought them in summer. They can amp up any ensemble.

Of course, I have neither of the above so far. Who's going shopping with me?

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