Monday, August 3, 2009

Sharing beaches with UFOs

According to a report in Russia Today, the Russian navy has declassified its records of encounters with UFO's, which indicate that extraterrestrial intelligences like to stick to oceans while visiting Earth. The records, dating back to soviet times, were compiled by a special navy group collecting reports of unexplained incidents delivered by submarines and military ships. The Navy commander heading that group said that 50% of UFO encounters are connected with oceans and 15% more with lakes. So, generally speaking, UFOs tend to stick to the water.

"Big deal" I thought when I read that. Sparkling water, wind piercing your body to liberate it from the scorching heat, warm rays that do the job of a masseuse, careless moments and no concept of time; what's not to like? Whether you're from a technologically advanced galaxy or a galaxy that's barely catching up, everyone needs a little R&R. If anyone cared about my opinion, I wouldn't be opposed to UFOs using the beach parking lots but I'd prefer the creatures from UFOs land up on cold lonely beaches where no one goes and leave the gold coast for the sheer pleasure of those who live there.

Southern California is known for a wide variety of beaches. The southern most part of SoCal is San Diego. SD beaches are splendid and the surrounding areas, a great eclectic mix of the old and the new world. Slight north of it is La Jolla, with some finest golf courses, art deco districts and college crowd living it up with all the imaginable water fun activities. Further north bordering LA is Newport Beach. Newport boasts of untouched charm with a line of mom & pop cafes embellishing the coastline. Hermosa is the hottest of SoCal beaches. Manhattan is elegant. Venice is out and out crazy. Santa Monica is the touristy one. Malibu is for the richie rich. Santa Barbara is the fun one. And there are many many more that define the essence of California.

Its summer and I've been spending quite a few lazy afternoons at the beach. Free time doesn't come without its share of contemplation leading to revelations when you're no longer a teenager. I've been questioning myself lately about why I haven't rented a little place on the beach all these years. The concept of affordability is all relative. I could have survived in half a kitchen and half a bedroom and just taken baths in the ocean if I tried. Why then despite being in the vicinity, I did not chase the option to indulge in this immense exquisiteness of nature? If it could inspire me in countless ways in a matter of few hours, imagine a decade. I could have been a lot more productive, a lot more calm and a lot more creative had I lived by the water. Three 'lot more's, now that's something definitely worth a shot.

As I was reluctantly walking back from the sand post sunset towards my car yesterday evening, I saw an ugly shack, 3rd non-house from the ocean front, 1200 sq ft, 2 bed/1 bath listed for a meager 2.1 million (a board in the front yard read 'reduced price') and felt good about living where I live again.


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