Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Opinions opinions

What is the common thread that unites bloggers of the world or rational thinking types or women in a book club: opinions. A dime a dozen for others but every so often priceless to us.

Being a victim of bullies as a school girl with atrocious plaits, (who for the record aren't easy to fight as per an article in Slate today that said bullies can be stopped but it takes a village. phew) I almost had no opinions that I can recall. As college happened, individualistic qualities surfaced making confidence creep in and opinions took shape and form. Now so many years later, I feel I'm a barrel of opinions. The lack of subject matter expertise of a sales guy at Best Buy, my landlady's husband's overbearing presence, my inability to be punctual... I seem to crank out opinions on everything in under a minute. And these aren't necessarily judgments but simply manifestations of my feelings.

Is it awfully wrong? It is maybe a little rightish? Is it even required? I could perhaps do something more constructive in the time it takes to form opinions and express them. Like iron the dress I haven't worn in ages just coz it's crumpled. Or wax my car. Or call my elderly uncle who I haven't spoken to in a really long time.

Then I came across a quote that instantly made me feel better "any clod can have the facts, but having opinions is an art". Think I’m gonna run with it.


Kusha said...

'..having opinion is an art' keeping it to oneself is a Craft!
(a craft i would get a 'F').

ok PJ!

Pari said...

haha that's funny. keeping them to yourself is pointless so go ahead let em out ;)