Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beckoning from afar - monsoon

Heard from mom yesterday that the first rain of monsoon has finally arrived after 110 plus weather for 4 straight months. Much to the relief of those who suffered almost third degree burns on two wheelers. Much to the relief of those who had planted hundreds of shrubs in their giant backyards. Much to the relief of those who love to get drenched in the warm droplets from up there.

Rains in India are much awaited coz it compliments life in so many ways. Apart from the scientific benefits, it makes life so much more pleasurable. The lovely mist in the air, the soothing sound of rain drops on the porch, the fragrance of moisture on dry soil, the shining foliage, sexy tangled hair, fried spicy appetizers that make it worth eating all that fat, bright colored raincoats, hiding out under massive trees and non-stop chatter over steaming hot beverages. What's not to like?

I have such fun memories of the rain.

My ancient car once stalled in 4 feet high waters and I marched home from my university, walking on flooded streets against muddy waters (better than any cardio) along with hundreds of others, while it was pouring cats and dogs. It took me 4 hours and loved every minute of it.

I lived by the river bank and one fateful day, our area got flooded with 8 feet high waters in our houses. The anticipation of those forceful waters breaking open our doors lasted a day prior to the actual flooding. It was nothing short of a block party on the streets. A team of youngsters and strong men from the neighborhood were going around each house, helping move furniture and other important stuff to the 2nd level. Ladies from the neighborhood collaborated on the food front and enough was made for three days and safely put away. As the floods hit our houses, we watched it from the vantage point of the terraces with the best view in the neighborhood and despite the damage, I don't recall one sad memory.

I'll never forget the mystical rain dance sessions. One as a party of a spiritual retreat that I attended. Simply indescribable. And some as a part of the famous rain dance parties.

There are countless such incidents that come to mind making me miss it even more coz I am always deprived of the pleasure of soaking in the rain here. For one, it's super chilly and secondly, people would look at me like I'm a fool. I guess rain is not as romanticized and dramatized in this country as back home. Hence the lack of fun factor.

For now, I’ll go back to enjoying my dry 100 degrees but like someone once said “I love the rain. I want the feeling of it on my face.”


Abhi said...

Pari, thats a pretty neat description of monsoon, but the thing that made me smile was the mention of the ancient car, i thought it was chariot it had to be pulled by horses :)))

Pari said...

Haha you're so evil. If you recall, I actually got some money when I sold that car.