Thursday, September 3, 2015

Spaniards - a distant cousin of Gujjus

At the very bottom of the Spanish soul is a Gujju heart beating. The more time I spend observing life and locals around me the more conviction I have in that hypothesis of mine. 

Consider the facts.

The Spanish love their mahou (beer) countless times a day, we our chai. They indulge in tapas, we can't go a day without farsan. Siestas are a sign of a healthy lifestyle, just like aram is deeply rooted in ours. Bar/tapas crawls are a daily necessity, just like our very own aanto. And no points for guessing what happens during these crawls - chachara (idle chatter), oh hello guppa! And finally, everyone seems to be chasing felicidad aka jalsa. 

See what I mean? :))

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