Thursday, October 2, 2014

The love-struck buck


Went for a late evening run at the park today and saw a gorgeous stag, his antlers stuck in the leafless shrubs. The chap worked hard at being untangled, grunting, turning edgy. Minutes later, he freed himself with one final jolt, catching a glimpse of the luminous moon in the process. He appeared to take a moment to compose himself, then slipped into romantic mood seamlessly, singing the most beautiful ballad I’d heard (from a stag that is) looking up at the half-moon, the faint silver light highlighting the arresting curves of his antlers. As if on cue, a doe appeared from nowhere and began to distract him. It seemed like a casual attempt at interpersonal chitchat at first but a minute of witnessing the drama unfold and anyone who’s been on the wrong (or the right) side of nagging could tell what it was. Poor guy had to wrap up abruptly and go back to grazing. It was one of those rare moments when I felt like taking responsibility and apologizing on behalf of all petulant women (or does, for that matter). We do get insufferable at times, don't we? :))

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