Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blog ressurrection

I suspect my blog is Hindu. That's the only reason I can imagine behind it dying an organic death countless times and soon enough, reincarnating itself.

It's been a new year, my need to ramble has been stronger than ever and the pool of handful of people who lend me an ear via various social media outlets is soon drying up. A kind soul reminded me of the blog and poof here I am again.

But not without a commitment.

Dear blog,

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good, just like Ms. Rowling claims to be, except there’s perhaps a grain of truth in my version. In any case, since we’re past pretentions and promises, let me just be candid and affirm that I’ll try to think of you at least a couple of times a day, when I run into amusing people and situations, when I'm working those grey cells and even when I’m cheating on you with your arch nemesis, Twitter. I will do my best to not abandon you this time around. And above all, I assure you I will not think of you as dispensable, consciously or otherwise.

After all, you were the reason (I wanted to say vehicle, but that’d be objectifying you) I became a writer.

Thank you for loving me back.


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