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Live from London by Parinda Joshi: book reviews

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Book reviews:
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Review on The South Asian Times - a US newspaper
“The novel is essentially a tale of the London lady who must reconstruct her life for what seems like the third time in these 204 pages-but with most difficulty in a country she has always been so disconnected from. This isn't your average, run-of-the-mill novel-and it certainly isn't one with farfetched elements governing its credibility. Rather, the struggles of the protagonist as they relate to her familial life are very well described and believable. The reader is able to garner a complete sense of Nishi's thoughts as a direct result of her often over-analytical ways.”
“Joshi employs clever language and literary elements that turn otherwise ordinary situations into escapades.”
“Live from London is able to harness the most basic yet important parts of a typical Indian student's life-love, family, career and social etiquette-and touch on all of them in an authentic way. That is perhaps the best selling point of the novel.”
“Joshi uses Nishi as a sole representative of issues that South Asians would enjoy reading about because they can relate to them.”
“As a result of the realism portrayed throughout the book, Joshi's work and writing can be complimented. That element is essentially what transforms a novel full of otherwise ordinary events into an epic journey through the protagonist's life. Add to that the author's story-telling methods, and the book ends up as a quick read.” Complete review here http://tiny.cc/bm7qgw Volume 5 Issue 8

Review on the blog - A Chronicle of Dreams"The author captures the moments with candid humour that often belies the tribulations and pain beneath. The conversationalist style coupled with a fast paced storyline makes for a quick, entertaining read. I would recommend this book for those looking for a good story well told, who want a modern fairytale with its sad moments." Complete review here http://bit.ly/oag6Se

Review in The Sunday Guardian"Set against the backdrop of the British music industry, it has all the elements—fun, friends, gossip, romance, struggle and emotions — that would get you through the course of a three-hour flight." Complete review here http://bit.ly/oCs6T5

Review on the blog – Life under microscope"I just loved this book. In fact it’s one of the best chick lit books from an Indian author after 'Almost Single' by Advaita Kala. The book has all the ingredients of a typical masala Bollywood movie and I wouldn’t be surprised if some producer /director got the rights of this book and made it into a movie. The author has a very chic and sophisticated writing style which gives the book a whole new refreshing feel to it. " Complete review here http://bit.ly/ueWKO3

Review by BookChums.com
“The author Parinda Joshi has a decent writing style that makes the narrative descriptive yet makes it flow smoothly. The story is packaged well with an interesting premise and a refreshing feel. To conclude, pick this up when in mood of a breezy read. The book would not let you down.” Complete review here http://bit.ly/HoMk5P

Review on Flash News Today"There are scenes of stolen moments and funny repartees to develop the romance between the two. The story is alive and very contextual. It talks of dreams – dreams that seem far fetched but a little nudge in the right direction makes the dream come true. The author maintains a positive voice even when the protagonist is in despair." Complete review here http://bit.ly/qJXUiY

Review on the blog – The Hungry Reader“My take on the book was that it is a refreshing change from the innumerable books penned by Indian authors on the scene today. This book did make sense to me in some parts and I enjoyed the wit and sarcasm that seeped in at times. Live from London has a great storyline. At times I felt that the narrative was rushed but that I can overlook if the overall structure is good enough. This book is nonetheless a breezy read if you want a break from the literary fiction genre.” Complete review here http://bit.ly/HtoAkP

Review on Amazon.com
"In short, I loved the book. Although this is Parinda's first book, her blog is total fun too! Live from London is written in two different settings - London and India and I relished both points of view. It was actually done quite well and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the different angles of the story and the depiction of the big, fat Indian wedding blending in with Nishi's spirited personality. The book has cute romance and the usual chick lit elements that makes it a fun read. The story became more alive with other vibrant characters and some interesting twists and turns and moved along at a pace that entices the reader to keep reading. Overall I was very impressed with Parinda's debut novel and highly recommend it to everyone!" Complete review here http://amzn.to/I7RPM2

Review on Youth24x7.com
"Parinda has done a tremendous work with the emotions. One, while reading the book, can actually feel the situation and can feel oneself spell-bounded by the magic of emotions. This is the best thing I liked about Parinda’s book. In the end also, when Nick meets Nishi in her dressing room, then also Parinda played very well with words. On the whole, story was breathtaking but ending could be something better." Complete review here http://bit.ly/HCxfx5

Review on Flipkart.com"I never expected such a good book from Rupa Publications. Author Parinda has written a good one. A really good debut effort. The content and plot is something very different and can't be easily found in the stable of Indian writing." Complete review here http://bit.ly/qKIMiC

Review on Amazon.com

"My fav part was also the strong undercurrent of subtle and mature humour that one could feel while reading. No childish jokes or desperate attempt to sound funny and no in your face humour. Strong yet subtle one liners, clever description of scenarios and characters." Complete review here

Review by a reader on BookChums.com“This medley of love has ample of humor and romance and drama to keep the readers interested. There were many instances I could connect with. Even the characters were funny and quirky and relatable. I’m sure there was ample research or background check done by the author before setting the plot. Good work here. There is potential in the author’s writing skill and definitely a taste for ideation. I hope she grows further with her writing.” Complete review here http://bit.ly/HoMk5P

Review on the blog – Myspace
"To say that the book was refreshing would be an understatement. It was a huge welcome change from the regular campus capers, which have bored me to death so far! Parinda has done her homework well, because she has captured the music scene in UK and USA quite accurately. And the supporting characters lend extra charm to the story. There are chuckling moments too, running throughout the book." Complete review here http://bit.ly/Ik58Ie

Review on Amazon.com

"Light-hearted, free spiritied, adventorous, all things sugar and spice for Nishi, a girl caught in the music world, her passion, her dream to succeed, well written in this book. You will thouroughly enjoy Nishi's journey and maybe even get inspiration to follow in her foot-steps!! A good entertaininer from start to finish, hoping More Nishi adventures from the author.The author has also captured the essence of London and Mumbai and that will strike a familiar chord!!! " Complete review here http://amzn.to/I7RPM2

Review on Amazon.com"The book is an out-n-out entertainer with sporadic doses of humor, romance and introduction to some interesting new hindi words (with translation for those who aren't acquainted with the language)." Complete review here http://amzn.to/qctl8Q

Review on the blog – Scribbled by GB

"I just completed the book and here I am typing the review of it; fresh and green. 'Live From London' by Parinda Joshi was truly a page-turner, I should say. I loved every wee bit of the book." Complete review here http://bit.ly/v2kdcU

Review on the blog – Rav’s world
"The book isn't all about the love story but also about struggles, family, friends and success. It also reaffirms our faith that whatever happens, indeed happens for good. It was a pleasure to enjoy something different in this book." Complete review here http://bit.ly/pp2fUn
Review on Amazon.com

"A light and fun read with well defined characters and a smooth story flow. I absolutely loved Nishi and her journey. A great debut from the author." Complete review here http://amzn.to/qo2F1D

Review on the blog – Observer’s Paradise
"Professions that haven’t been the norm in India have had a huge appeal factor in the recent past. A career in music is one such profession. With the influx of reality music shows, a huge number of young bees find themselves fantasizing about being a pop star. The main character of this story, Nishi Gupta, is one such girl: talented and ambitious." Complete review here http://bit.ly/obhmKT

Review on Amazon.com
"Journeys always make for a good story. There's exposure to an extensive cast of characters in London and 'modern' India as it is now widely referred to as. It's written well too. It made me want a boyfriend just like her's although I'm not one bit certain I could handle him. Bit of a jerk. I'm no fan of bad boys. Or am I? In conclusion, a fun and breezy read. Don't walk into it expecting the world and you won't be disappointed." Complete review here http://amzn.to/oQLZfn

Review on the blog – The Broken Nib
"To her credit the author has built upon the character of Nishi Gupta really well. Being in my early twenties I could easily relate to it. Nishi is smart, sassy, confident and defiant. The book is enjoyable and makes for a light and pleasant one time read. If you are apprehensive about getting bored on your next train journey you might consider taking this book along with you." Complete review here http://bit.ly/tMVHiZ

Aiiiight people. I hope that helps. Feel free to hit me up if you have a question or just wanna say hi. And if you get around to reading, please post a review. Toodles, Parinda

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